7 Week Update ~

G has been clean almost two months (will be on 1/4) and I am so proud of him! I wanted to share some things I’ve noticed in him that should inspire you to continue your fight against porn. 

Our sex life has improved tremendously. He is more passionate, spontaneous and he enjoys it a lot more. He can do it more often and finishes almost every time.

G glances at women in person a little more often but this is to be expected from what I’ve read, because he’s noticing people in person more because he’s not looking online. Hopefully this minimizes again.

He’s more affectionate, loving, compliments me and cares about my happiness even more. He knew porn made me cry and loathe myself, and he’s doing it primarily for me and also for himself. 

He feels like a better Christian. Christianity feels porn is wrong, and G thinks that a lot of porn is degrading and dehumanizing to women. 

He looks at women with more respect. He’s understanding more about women and that it’s wrong to make your SO feel she has to compete with porn.

G looks at my body more and touches me more. He did so a lot even when he looked at porn but I feel he does more without. I feel he focuses more on my body and wants to make me feel good inside and outside the bedroom.

It’s a great feeling and I’m thankful he’s making progress. ❤

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