Update 1/16/17

Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile everybody, I’ve been working and getting ready to go back to school. February 4th will be 3 months of G being clean and I’m very proud of him! It’s been a long few months and I still get anxious sometimes, but with things like this you have to follow the actions and not just the words. For any one interested, there are documentaries online that show the horrors of the porn industry (TW: some of these documentaries have nudity and clips from porn, so don’t watch some of these if you’re easily triggered). The average porn star lives to be about 38 years old due to drugs, suicide, murder, STIs, etc., and for every successful porn star who enjoys what she’s doing, there’s thousands who are being abused in some way and who are sucked in and spat out very quickly. Enlighten your hearts and minds and together we can fight back against this demon! 

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