Follow Up Interview with G

I wanted to share my interview with G. April 5 (our two years of talking anniversary) will be 5 months of him being clean from porn, so I wanted to share an interview with him.

 1. How does it feel being nearly 5 months porn free? Excellent, many aspects have changed in my life. Being addicted to porn for almost ten years has affected me in ways I was not aware of. Such as a low sex drive, less available testosterone, a damaged view on women, etc.

2. Is it still difficult at time when unexpected triggers happen? Not as much, not nearly as much. There’s always going to be smart ads that try and get me to stray, but my brain has successful rewired. 

3. Any advice for people who get unexpected triggers online/television? If you can’t handle being online and taking that chance, then don’t. If you must, ask God for help and he will. Diverting thought process is easier said than done, but is absolutely possible.

4. What would you tell “non-believers” who are hesitant to try to expunge pornography from their lives? I would say, just seek help. There are many people and organizations who can be of assistance. There are people out there who want to help who have either been in that situation or know someone who has who can offer help.

5. Any advice for women who have PTSD-like symptoms due to having a partner who’s had a problem with porn? Just stick with your man, if he is trying to change of course. Some men say they will stop or get help but don’t. Some men want help and need that extra outlet of help to get by.

6. Do you regret not looking at pornography anymore? Absolutely not, the only thing I regret is how long and how often I used to do it. Porn is a huge waste of time, testosterone, and not to mention how degrading it is.

7. As someone whose had slips due to celebrity nude pictures and nudity stories in the news, what advice to you have to offer to men who struggle with this? That’s a tough one. Especially if it is a celebrity the man is fond of. Like I said before, if you are too early in recovery and do not trust yourself online, then don’t be online. Pray to God and ask for help through temptation. Find websites that have little to no ads or clean ones. Think of the celebrity as someone’s mother daughter, etc. If you find yourself having a slip up, try to contain it. When I have slipped up to look at a naked celeb I stop myself before it can get worse. 

8. Finally, what advice would you give to a woman who struggles with getting her partner to stop using porn? As previously stated, be patient and work with your man if he is trying to work with you. It is not as easy as a snap of the fingers to restart your brain wiring. However, if he keeps slipping up and lying, cut him loose. He obviously has no respect for women or you. Sometimes it is difficult to stop and they need the extra support. If he is genuinely remorseful work with him. But if he continues lying and doesn’t put in an effort to change, such as not going on certain websties, give him an ultimatum: you or porn. 

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